When “Old Man Winter Hits”, RPMC Services is there to help.

  • Any snow event that accumulates to over 1” will be serviced.
  • Areas to be serviced include: all entrances (front, back, fire, pump, etc.) and sidewalks (these areas will be services as needed during storm)
  • Any snow under 1” will be removed via appropriate control method. Ice control on entrance walks will consist of “Professional Ice Melter TM” to minimize problems resulting from dragging residue into building. “Professional Ice Melter TM” melts ice and snow to -15F; it has no residue to ruin building interiors and also helps resist refreezing. This service will be done on snow events.
  • Any drifting resulting from wind other than during a snowstorm will be closely monitored and addressed.
  • The lot will be visited several times a day to clear remaining spots.
  • Access to lot will be cleared before (5:00 a.m.) as well as periodically through the snowstorm as necessary to sufficiently assure the safety of the tenants and customers.
  • Shoveling will be done as necessary during the storm.
  • Salt cost will be billed at market price.